Paul Weiner

In residence
July 14 - August 4, 2017

Paul Weiner - Portrait.jpg

Paul Weiner is a project-based, interdisciplinary artist whose works are centered around violence. His current works relate to the American psyche during the rise of a menacing regime that threatens international violence as well as policy proposals that are projected to cause deaths within the United States itself. Weiner repurposes traditional symbols of American exceptionalism to express danger, shame, and frustration with the erosion of government institutions. Weiner was first introduced to violent history as a medium for his artistic practice following the 2012 Aurora theater shooting and legal case, which scarred his hometown and reopened the traumatic wound of the nearby 1999 Columbine massacre. This event led him to research violence and terror on both domestic and international scales, which led to the expanded focus of his current project.

Over the past two years, Weiner’s works have been included in exhibitions at TWFINEART, Brisbane, Australia; Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL; Chabah Yelmani Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; YIA Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium; ARTBandini Fair, Los Angeles, California; and CTRL+SHFT, Oakland, CA. He was an artist in residence at Miscellaneous Press in 2016. Upcoming exhibitions include a group exhibition at Durden and Ray Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; a two person exhibition with Kristin Bauer at Carthage College’s HF Johnson Gallery; and a two person exhibition with Chad Hasegawa at Gallery 44309 in Dortmund, Germany.

B.F.A., Painting, Syracuse University, magna cum laude

2016 Visiting Artist in Residence at Miscellaneous Press, Los Angeles
2010 Young Artist Residency at Art Institute of Boston

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